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What our volunteers do

Our Active Affiliates (as our volunteers are known at Healthwatch Kingston) reach out to local people, to explain and promote our work and listen to people’s views and experiences of health and social care, so that they can be involved in helping to improve services. As a volunteer the Active Affiliate will be able to choose from a range of activities that suit personal circumstances, interests and time commitments. Below are some of the activities that our Active Affiliates do: 

  • Carry out Enter & View visits on behalf of Healthwatch Kingston, which will include being involved in all stages of the process as set out in the Enter & View Policy and Procedure
  • Join Healthwatch Kingston Task Groups and participate in projects, which will require becoming an active particpant and committing to attending meetings and contributing to delivering the outcomes of any associated work plans
  • Undertake questionnaires/surveys, for example in a GP surgery or at a local hospital, which will involve the drafting of relevant questions for people using health and social care services, their family and friends and/or members of staff (this activity could also form part of an Enter & View visit)
  • Gather feedback from the public at a shopping centre or other public place, which will require attendance at a variety of venues across the borough where people can be approached and asked questions about their views on health and social care services
  • Attend meetings (such as public Board meetings) related to health and social care provision (local, regional and national), which will require a comprehensive understanding of the business to be undertaken at each meeting and may be held outside of Kingston
  • Help to facilitate events held by Healthwatch Kingston including focus groups, community engagement activities (e.g. “pop-up stalls”) and outreach, which will require being involved in planning arrangements, facilitating and participating in the events and writing reports
  • Act as a Healthwatch Kingston Champion to attract more volunteers, provide peer support and mentoring opportunities, which will involve speaking at events organised by other groups, describing the work of Healthwatch Kingston and answering questions
  • Help to promote the role of Healthwatch Kingston at community events, fairs and fetes, which will involve handing out leaflets and other publicity material and talking to the public about the role of Healthwatch Kingston

As part of the recruitment process all our Active Affiliates undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and have to provide two references before they are appointed and able to carry out their roles in accordance with our Policies and Procedures.




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Healthwatch Kingston upon Thames is managed by the charitable company 'Healthwatch Kingston upon Thames', registered charity no. 1159377, company registered in England and Wales no. 08429159