Coronavirus: wellbeing for teens

You may be asked by your school, college or workplace to stay at home for a period of time. It is now more important then ever that you look after yourself and your wellbeing. But how?
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We understand that this could be quite a daunting prospect, but try to think of this as a chance to live in a different way for a while. Think about what you might want to do during this time, how you will stay connected and how you would prioritise your wellbeing. Planning might help reduce any anxiety or troubling thoughts.
— Young Minds

Maintaining a daily routine is very important to feel a sense of normality. You can follow a daily schedule while adding some extra activities to make you feel calm:

  • Outdoors - Being in nature, whether it is your garden or a park, plays a very important role in keeping mentally and physically well. It is safer to stay at home however if you do go out and exercise then you are reminded to urgently follow the latest medical advice on social distancing:
    • keeping 2 metres distance from one another to avoid further spread of the virus
    • No more than two people should congregate
    • Only those with Covid-19 symptoms or those who should be self-isolating should not visit parks
  • Exercise - Richmond CVS suggests following Jo Wicks the Body Coach, which will be running a daily Monday – Friday PE Lesson at 9am on his Youtube channel, aimed at families, and suitable for everyone trying to stay fit and active at this time. If this is not for you, there are many other online resources for exercising at home. For example, you can follow your or other gyms on Instagram, as they usually post useful ideas for keeping fit.
  • Read about the 5 ways to wellbeing!
  • Find more tips on Every Mind Matters and download their app.
  • Just enjoy yourself! Do what you like, be creative, learn new things,  read a book, watch tv, talk to friends…. follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get some ideas. 

Feeling Stressed?

If the news about Coronavirus are making you feel stressed, concerned or anxious, you can do some things to feel better:

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