The Time to Change Champions Fund is the £10,000 pot of funding mentioned earlier provided by Time to Change for local Champions to use to run anti-stigma activity in the Royal Borough of Kingston.

A Champion can apply for up to £500 to run their activity or event. To get this funding, Champions must fill out an application form which breaks down their idea and the budget they are applying for.

We can partner you with someone to help you fill out the application form and plan your event or you can ask an organisation you trust to support you through the process. We are also holding Champions Network meetings every 2 months for Champions to come together and discuss their ideas and get feedback to improve their plans for an event or activity.

To apply you need to

  • Be registered as a Time to Change Champion
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have lived experience of a mental health problem (either past or present, diagnosed or undiagnosed)
  • Run your event in the Royal Borough of Kingston
  • Plan to use the money to reduce mental health stigma and discrimination by facilitating social contact, meaning having people with experience of mental health issues talking to people without experience of mental health issues

The application then gets reviewed by a panel and if successful, you will receive a card with the amount you applied for. We will need you to keep receipts of what you spend this money on.

Please get in touch with persephone@healthwatchkingston if you have any question regarding the Champions Fund.


Time to Change Champions Fund Application Form
Time to Change Champions Fund Application Guidance