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Changes to Gluten Free, Vitamin D and common conditions prescriptions in Kingston


From 19 September 2017 Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has made a decision to stop prescribing

  • gluten-free foods

  • vitamin D supplements, and

  • over the counter medications for minor illnesses.

Gluten Free Foods

We have heard from lots of patients who are worried about what to do now that their Gluten Free food products will no longer be available on prescription from their GP. The current options available in light of this change are to:

  • Visit your gluten free sections of supermarkets such as Sainsbury's or Tesco's, where the amount of products as well as their pricing has improved. The supermarkets have also worked to provide you with clearer gluten-free labelling.

  • Consider incorprating more low cost naturally Gluten free foods such as rice and potatoes,

  • Visit your local pharmacy: they will be able to order any items you were previously prescribed, although this would come at the patient’s own cost.

For support and dietary advice on a Gluten Free diet please visit Coeliac UK where you will find lots of useful information on how to follow a gluten free diet, including advice on shopping and reading food labels, cooking and baking, eating out, travelling and specific advice for children and for those eating on a budget.

 Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplement will no longer be available on prescription unless you fall within one of the following categories:

  • you are deficient in Vitamin D (rather than just having low levels),
  • to continue maintenance therapy for patients who have had two or more treatment courses in the past and are known to be at specific risk of further vitamin D deficiency (such as multiple pregnancies)
  • Pregnant women on a low income may be able to get free Healthy Start vitamin tablets that contain 10mcg (400 units) of vitamin D from some baby clinics and children’s centres. Visit Healthystart for more information.

For all other people it is advised to buy Vitamin D from supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers. During the winter months It is now recommended that everyone should take a daily supplement containing 10mcg (400 units) of vitamin D. This is because you will not get this from sunlight exposure. Find out more at NHS choices.

Over the counter medications

Medications available over the counter at your local pharmacy will no longer be available on prescription. Conditions include hayfever, coughs and colds, fungal nail infections and headaches a full list can be found on NHS choices.

You will now need to visit your local pharmacy or supermarket for items available over the counter such as common painkillers, cough medicines, lozenges and antihistamines.


These decisions were made by Kingston CCG follwing 'Choosing Wisely' engagement events. You can read about the discussions with local people and the feedback received on the CCG’s website.

If you have health concerns about the effects of this decicion please speak with your GP. If you wish to complain you can visit the Kingston CCG’s complaints section on their website. You can also register your feedback with us by completeing our Speak Out form.



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