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Contribute to Kingston's Mental Health Strategy - Fill in this survey!


The council and the health service in Kingston Upon Thames want to make sure that the services which can prevent mental health problems developing, and those available to people suffering with poor mental health, meet their needs in the best way they can.

To do this we are reviewing how everything that is delivered locally works in relation to people’s mental health, so that we can identify the changes to make over the next 5 years. This can involve things which are directly involved in mental health care, like counselling services and the Community Mental Health Team, but also things like debt and housing, which clearly can affect on how people feel.

To do this we are talking to people who have lived experience of poor mental health and the services they have used in Kingston, to understand what they think and feel about how things have been done and how they should be done in the future.

We want those people to stay involved in the changes that happen as a result to make sure future services to prevent mental health problems and mental health services themselves are as good as they can be. The way things should be done in the future will be detailed in the Mental Health Strategy.


Click here to complete the anonymous questionnaire and forward it to your friends and family to complete, the more views we get the better!  



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