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Our report... Improving young people's emotional wellbeing in Kingston


Our report... Improving young people's emotional wellbeing in Kingston


During the summer the Richmond and Kingston Youth Councils worked with Achieving for Children and Healthwatch to find out about emotional wellbeing, the support that young people need and what services they would want to access if they could. We collected the experiences of 1,580 children and young people.

The report found that local young people who access helpful services report levels of emotional wellbeing on a par with those who have never needed to seek help. There was also strong support - among many of the 1,580 young people surveyed for the report - for better emotional wellbeing services inside and outside school and useful online advice.

But according to the report, many young people are put off accessing emotional wellbeing services because of the significant stigma around doing so. Their comments included that the topic of mental health has a stigma to it and lots of people our age struggle to tell people about their state of mind’.

A number of young people also highlighted concerns around where care is provided and the ability of staff to connect with the person they were talking to. Long waiting lists remain an issue.To watch a video for a summary of our work click here.  

To view the report click here 



Action Planning Workshop 

 On Thursday 3d November we held an action planning workshop.

It provided a valuable opportunity to bring key stakeholders together, spotlight the findings of the report and raise awareness of the experiences and needs of local young people.

Stakeholders participated in two working groups; Improving emotional wellbeing in Schools, and Improving access to Mental Health services, facilitated by members of Kingston and Richmond Youth Councils. Stakeholders then assembled a set of desired outcomes.

The insights, experience and knowledge from attendees proved invaluable in generating innovative and practical ways to help support and improve young people's emotional wellbeing. 

A set of desired outcomes were established;


Improving Access to Mental Health Care in the Community

  • Young people shape the Mental Health services and can steer service development

  • Location of services to be more appropriate for young people to want to attend (eg; cafes libraries, youth clubs, shopping centres)

  • Explore setting up an online counselling service

  • Young people to be more involved in raising awareness of local mental health support and be involved in reducing stigma and discrimination. 

  • Young people who are referred to CAMHS get quick access to appropriate support

  • Increased service capacity and reduced waiting times leading to increased satisfaction with the CAMHS

  • Young people don’t have to explain themselves to each new professional they see

  • The KU19 health service ensures it clearly promotes it's mental health services to prevent confusion with mental health service. 


Improving Mental Health Care in Schools

  • All schools to have lunchtime drop ins with School Nurses

  • School Nurses communications to link to wider mental health resources to improve access/integration of messages

  • Increase access to peer mentoring

  • Schools better able to identify students who need support

  • Improved awareness of mental health amongst young people 

  • Proactively tackle bullying in School 

  • Share good practice and provide support to teachers and schools

  • Teachers have better skills and understanding to support mental wellbeing 

  • Raising awareness of what’s available for young people and create a culture of openness (openly talk about mental health in Schools)  



Healthwatch Richmond and Kingston will meet with senior decision makers at the Council and CCG's to investigate options that will deliver the recommendations set out in the report and desired outcomes from the Workshop.

Watch this space for more news and opportunities shortly! 

 For questions email us at info@healthwatchkingstonuponthames.org.uk 



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