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August 2020

Open Meeting - August 2020

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Tuesday 18th August, 2020 - 12:00 to 16:00

About this event

We are planning on running our Open Meeting as usual via Zoom link:

We would love you all to be able to dial in remotely. Please read the instructions about Zoom video conferencing below. 


11.55 - Check in (10 minutes) - Online Zoom Chat

12.05 - Introductions - Stephen Bitti, HWK Chief Officer

12.10 - Healthwatch Kingston – Making Safeguarding Personal pilot for our Learning Disabilities community.

12.45 - SWL NHS COVID-19 Update - Caroline O’Neill, Senior Engagement Manager (Kingston and Richmond) NHS South West London CCG and Dr Annette Pautz 

  • Keeping you safe video
  • Service change during Covid 19 focusing on accessibility of services for vulnerable groups
  • Winter flu vaccine survey
  • NHS response to Covid 19 phase 3

1.30 - Feedback and Q&A

2.00 - BREAK

Afternoon agenda items

2.30 - Mental Health Task Group Meeting - Online Breakout Room

2.30 - Community Care Task Group Meeting - Online Breakout Room

4.00 - Feedback from individual Task Group Chairs, Joint Task Groups discussion and next steps - Main Online Room

4.25 - Thoughts from the day - Main Online Room


Contact details

Information on using Zoom

Healthwatch Kingston have assessed the various platforms and have found Zoom to be the most suitable.

Zoom can be downloaded onto PC, laptop, tablet or phone from here

To join the meeting, simply click on the above link at the agreed time.

You will be put into a virtual 'waiting room' area, before the host then let's you join (this is for security)

If you wish to join the meeting we suggest you read the Zoom Privacy Policy.

If you do not wish to attend the meeting, but would still like to be kept informed of our activity please let us know and we will happily email you the meeting notes and actions at a later date. 


Stephen Bitti, HWK Chief Officer: