Picture of mother holding newborn
May 2021

Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week

Community events
Monday 3rd May, 2021 to Sunday 9th May, 2021

About this event

Untreated, perinatal mental illness is one of the leading causes of death for women during pregnancy and the first year after birth.

Get involved in this week-long campaign dedicated to talking about mental illness while pregnant or after having a baby, as well as raising awareness of how people can seek support.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week is a week long campaign dedicated to talking about mental health problems during and after pregnancy running from 3 – 7 May 2021.

The theme for this year is ‘Journeys to recovery’, it’s all about raising public and professional awareness of perinatal mental health problems, advocating for women affected by it, changing attitudes and helping families access the information, care and support they need to recover.

The SWLSTG Perinatal Mental Health service are running a series of sessions and workshops on Microsoft Teams open to all, allowing attendees to learn more about maternal mental health over the course of the week. The full programme along with links to join can be found here. Drop in to the SWLSTG sessions during the week.

If Kingtson residents have any questions for or require further information from the SWLSTG Perinatal Mental Health , please email PerinatalAdmin@swlstg.nhs.uk

Contact details

https://www.swlstg.nhs.uk/Join the conversation online using #MaternalMHMatters. Find out more about the campaign on the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership website.