November 2021

Come to the Kimjang Festival that is full of Korean flavours and Koreans’ affection

Community events
12-4pm, New Malden Methodist Church, St George Square
Saturday 20th November, 2021

About this event

The Kimjang Festival, promoting Korean food culture, is coming to in Europe’s
largest Korean Town, New Malden London.

The Kimjang Festival, which marks its third anniversary this year, began with the
support of the National Heritage Lottery Fund in 2019. This year, there will be
free tasting of various kimchi’s from North and South Korea to introduce the true
taste of kimchi and new dishes created using kimchi as well as a free kimchi
making program will be held at St George Square. In addition, Jeonju University
and Jeonju University Leadership in industry-university cooperation (LINC) will
participate under the leadership of OKTA. There will be promotional and tasting
events to be held in St Georges Squares to showcase products from various
medium and small businesses the Jeonju area in the UK.

There will be a kimchi making class hosted by Professor Suin Kim of Jeonju
University and a seminar on the importance of design of in the food and
beverage industry hosted by Professor Song Joo of Jeonju University at the
Methodist Church.

There will also be a fundraising event held at New Malden Baptist Church from
10am to 12pm with the New Malden Rotary Club to contribute to the education
of the next generation of Koreans in England.

Hosted by the Korean British Cultural Exchange.
Sponsored by Kingston Council.

@ St. George Square
Opening Ceremony (12:00~12:20):
Speeches including Kingston Mayor’s Councilor S. Abraham and Korean
Ambassador Gunn Kim
Kimchi Making Experience (13:00~15:00):
Kimchi-making program for locals and overseas Koreans
Kimchi and kimchi dish tasting (13:00~14:30):
Kimchi from North and South Korea and kimchi canapés tasting
Promoting and tasting products from medium and small businesses
(13:00~16:00): Sweet red bean porridge, Gunsan jjamppong ramen, Fried
Gochujang, dog food etc. (Please refer to the list of participating companies)

@ Methodist Church
London Korean school Fundraising coffee morning (10:00~12:00):
All the sales from the special products sponsored by Andong City Korea and
Ticket income of the Kimchi making lecture features (everything expect
ingredient fees) will be donated.
Professor Suin Kim’s Kimchi Class (13:00~13:40 / 14:40~15:20):
Kimchi making method such as, marinating the kimchi, preparing the seasoning,
making the seasoning, mixing and putting it inside etc. will be introduced.
Professor Song Joo’s Design Seminar (15:00~16:00)
Lecture on the importance of design in the food and beverage industry will be

The Kimjang Festival, which promotes Korea’s ‘flavours’, ‘affection’ and ‘the joy
of sharing’ to British locals, Korean migrants and local communities, is an event
supported by the British Government and sponsor organisations.

About KBCE
The Korean British Cultural Exchange (KBCE) is a registered charity that organises
cultural and educational activities, as well as social media content to promote
Korean culture in the UK. KBCE’s aim is to foster understanding and build a better
community together through artistic collaboration and creativity. KBCE is
comprised of various volunteers from across the UK. For two years, 2019~2020,
KBCE produced the ‘Kimjang Project’ and published ‘the 21 Authentic Kimchi
recipe book’ and videos. Significantly, since last November, KBCE’s website and
Kimjang Project website have been listed in the British Library’s web archive.

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