Youth Out Loud! focus on sexual health

Youth Out Loud! is a group of young people, helping to improve our local health and care services. YOL! works across Healthwatch Kingston and Healthwatch Richmond to make health and care services better for young people.
YOL young people

Youth Out Loud! have now been meeting regularly as a group for nearly one whole year. During this time they have achieved an enormous amount including the creation of their launch film and a video on 'self harm / being a good friend' which they worked closely with professionals on and will be released soon.

YOL's next film will focus on sexual health

The young people have met with sexual health professionals and have started writing the script for their next video. We also took this work to the Achieving for Children's SEND participation group to see what they would like from a video. 

15 Step Challenge at the Wolverton Sexual Health Clinic (Kingston Hospital)

The young people will be conducting a 15 step challenge exercise at Wolverton Sexual Health Clinic in February half term. The purpose of this visit is for the young people to feed back on their experience of entering the clinic and how it feels to be a young person accessing these services. 

Young people and sexual health training

Kingston & Richmond Safeguarding Children Partnership are running a bitesize session on 'Young People & Sexual Health' on Weds 26 Feb and Weds 18 March, facilitated by Judith Murray, Safeguarding Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Wolverton.

The multiagency session aims to equip frontline practitioners with some of the skills, knowledge and confidence to enable them to raise basic sexual health needs with young people and signpost more effectively.   

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Next YOL! task group meeting

The next task group meeting will be taking place on 11 February. We welcome more young people to get involved so if you are between the ages of 13 - 17 do let us know if you'd like to be part of YOL!. 

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