Refurbishment of Kingston Hospital’s eye emergency clinic

The eye emergency clinic in Kingston Hospital’s Royal Eye Unit is being refurbished to create more space and to improve the experience for our patients.
Kingston Hospital entrance

The clinic will be closed from 24 May 2021 and will reopen in August 2021.

What if I need emergency eye care during this time?
If you have an eye emergency, please phone 020 8934 6799. If you are already under the care of The Royal Eye Unit and your eye emergency is related to the condition you are being treated for, we will book an appointment for you at Kingston Hospital, if necessary. If you are not currently a Royal Eye Unit patient, we will give you advice on where you eye emergency can be dealt with. This may be another eye hospital or a community service.

I already have an appointment at The Royal Eye Unit. Will my appointment still go ahead?
We would like to reassure patients that routine planned treatments, operations and outpatient eye services will not be affected by the refurbishment and will continue to take place within the Royal Eye Unit during this time.

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