Right to Healthcare Card

As a result of unprecedented measures being put in place to deal with Covid-19 Groundwork's research has found that many people experiencing homelessness have found it difficult to register with a GP and access primary care services.
right to healthcare

In response to the research conducted, Groundwork have been working with Healthy London Partnership and the GLA to make 20,000 'My Right to Healthcare' cards available to people across London.

If you are a service who can help distribute them to people experiencing homelessness then please email: stephan.morrison@groundswell.org.uk with the following information: 

  • Your name
  • Service name and type
  • Service address
  • Number of cards required 

The card is designed to help adults who are homeless to register and receive treatment at London GP practices; where people are often wrongly turned away for not having ID or not having a fixed address.  Cards have been delivered to shelters, hospitals, day centres, food banks, drop in centres and other organisations across London but we need them to reach more people. 

The cards can be displayed by organisations for people to pick up or can be directly distributed by staff or volunteers; dependent on how your service is working in the current circumstances. 

The partnership have also produced a short, accessible guide on registering with a GP and what services they provide;accessible guide on registering with a GP and what services they provide; these are designed to be printed on a standard printer or can be viewed online. 

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