Covid-19 vaccination - what’s going on?

Three months ago Kingston Borough’s daily case rate of Covid-19 infection peaked at over 300. Now it is averaging 11. Help Healthwatch Kingston find out what is going on by taking our survey.
What is going on

Have you been vaccinated? Are you waiting, or perhaps still thinking about it?

Let us know what you think about the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Healthwatch Kingston is the local champion for health and social care services working with, but independently of, Kingston Council, the NHS, and voluntary and community sector organisations.

Healthwatch Kingston (in collaboration with Kingston Council, the NHS, and Kingston Voluntary Action) have put together a survey to gather resident views on the COVID-19 vaccine.

We want to know:

  • what you think about the COVID-19 vaccination programme
  • what you think about information on the COVID-19 vaccine

Your feedback is anonymised and can help services spot issues affecting care for you and your loved ones.

Share your views

Please spare five minutes to let us know what you think about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Take the online survey in English

Take the online survey in Korean

Take the online survey in Polish

Download the vaccine surveys in other languages

For us to do our work to help you, Healthwatch Kingston needs to ask you for your consent before you fill in our survey. You will not need to provide your name or contact details to provide your consent. You can consent to complete the survey without providing your name and contact details. None of our reports contain the names or contact details of the people who share views with us.

Healthwatch Kingston is an independent organisation. Only we see the personal details you share with us. We do not use them unless you say we can.

You can email your completed survey to


If you would like to send us your completed survey by post, please stick the Free Post label below on the envelope and put it in a mail box.

COVID-19 vaccine survey in KOREAN for download
COVID-19 vaccine survey in URDU for download
COVID-19 vaccine survey in FARSI for download
COVID-19 vaccine survey in POLISH for download


If you have any questions about the survey or require the survey in a different format (ie: paper) or a different language, please contact

Share your thoughts

You can help make health and care services better by sharing your experiences and ideas.

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